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Ramon supports pay increases for teachers to ensure that the state of NM can retain quality teachers as well as recruit new teachers to the profession. He also supports a proper living wage for support staff such as administrative assistants, custodians, bus drivers, etc. Ramon supports local decision-making authority of school boards and opposes legislation or executive action that restricts the ability of locally elected school boards to respond to the needs of their school districts. He also supports local school boards to independently develop and adopt educational polices that are important to their students, staff and communities. We need to allow school boards to continue to oversee their budgets to make sure that our tax dollars are reaching the classrooms.

The coronavirus pandemic closed schools for one third of the 2019–20 school year, which created major challenges for the children of New Mexico. Our children have suffered academically, as well as socially and emotionally.  Students and teachers shifted from face-to-face learning to virtual learning. This shift created a lack of academic support as well as a lack of technological resources to help our educators conduct online classes. There was also a lack of socialization and increased stress and anxiety, which led to an increase in social and emotional issues. Social and emotional learning has always been an integral component for student development and academic success. However, it took the pandemic for people to realize and elevate the importance of social and emotional learning. Therefore, Ramon believes we must hold the state of New Mexico accountable to properly fund our schools so that our hard-working educators and social/emotional professionals are able to create innovative programs and strategies to improve and/or accelerate student achievement. We must continue to communicate during this critical time in history because our dialogue, positive dialogue, will bring forth success for all New Mexicans.


I will support legislation that provides resources to our small businesses in New Mexico. I will support policies that allows our businesses to grow without excess regulation and high taxes to stifle entrepreneurship. New Mexican business owners will not grow the jobs and technologies of the future. Today’s shortsighted policies are hurting our children’s future. New Mexicans are calling for policies to promote growth. We need to really look at the root causes of how regulations that negatively impact our small businesses and prevents them from succeeding. The state must have an office that is ready at all times to help deal with issues that our small business face on daily basis.


The lives of people depend on public safety professionals and their ability to respond to situations quickly, effectively, and accurately. As long as there are dangers and crime within our communities, there will be a need for public safety professionals such as law enforcement, fire and emergency medical services to step in.  These first responders must be on call whenever a crisis arises and are often called away from their families to serve us at our most desperate times. These heroes never truly know if today might be their last due to the risks associated with the commitment they have made to serve and protect their communities.

Our first responders deserve adequate funding and support from their county, and from their municipal and state elected officials to help keep crime down and our communities safe. Public safety departments must have the necessary funding to meet vital infrastructure needs to properly operate their departments. Adequate funding will also ensure the recruitment and retention of quality employees as well as allow our first responders the ability to continue with their ongoing, robust training which is needed in order to continue to protect our people.

I have a proven track record of fighting for our first responders at the legislature for the past 20 years. I have also worked with local departments to bring in the funding needed so that our first responders may purchase police vehicles and other vital equipment needed to help them do their jobs.


According to the 2020 Veterans Profile, as of 2019, there were approximately 135,220 veterans living in New Mexico.  Veterans are more than twice as likely to have a disability than non-veterans. Many of our veterans suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, alcoholism, and thoughts of suicide and other traumatic and life-threatening experiences, therefore require a wide variety of health services such as prevention, counseling, treatment, rehabilitation and education.

I will support legislation that improves the healthcare for our veterans so that they are able to receive the treatment they need in order to maintain a good quality of life. I will also support legislation that will provide programs for veterans who are homeless and who are in need of food and shelter.


The people of New Mexico should have the right to high quality health care, without having to suffer financial hardship.  Many people here in New Mexico are unable to get the medical care they need and many are paying too much for what they do have, therefore I will continue to advocate and support legislation that makes healthcare equitable for everyone.

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